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Career Professionals of Canada is the national association for career practitioners.
We are a member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise.
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Career Professionals of Canada is a uniquely Canadian not-for-profit association. We are the leading member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise in Canada. Our members support clients in all provinces and territories, from coast to coast to coast. CPC members:

  • Help people successfully navigate work, learning, and life transitions.
  • Are coaches, counsellors, educators, consultants, coordinators, specialists, writers, administrators, managers, and executives.
  • Work in universities and colleges, government organizations, non-profit services, and private sector businesses.
  • Guide clients in career development, work-life coaching, interview coaching, employment consulting, and résumé writing.

If you strive to help people through their career journey, we invite you to join us. We are an inclusive national association for aspiring and expert career professionals. No matter what experience or education you hold, you have a home with us. Join us now:

By joining Career Professionals of Canada you are making an investment in your personal and professional development. You'll increase your connections, enhance your expertise, and raise your visibility. We'll help you gain contacts, credibility, and credentials in our profession.

We're working together for your career success!

Career Professionals of Canada

Career Professionals of Canada News Feed

The Hidden Toll of Professional Burnout: The Importance of Self-Care in Career Development

– By Christine Ball, Executive Director, CPC – In the career development sector, professionals are often seen as beacons of guidance, helping others navigate the labyrinth of their careers. They are the architects of dreams, the strategists behind successful transitions, and the motivators who keep the fire of ambition burning.…

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Shameless Self Promotion: Be Loud and Proud! Effective Marketing is the Key to Success.

– By Christine Ball, Executive Director CPC – Effective marketing is not just necessary; it’s the catalyst for growth and success in any entrepreneurial venture. You need to be loud and proud! Despite its critical importance, marketing is often overlooked by entrepreneurs who are understandably preoccupied with other pressing aspects…

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Empowering Change: Career Development Professionals’ Role in Addressing Workplace Discrimination Against People with Disabilities

Career development professionals can empower change and are pivotal in bolstering clients with disabilities as they navigate the job market and workplace complexities. A key hurdle they often encounter is workplace discrimination, a barrier that can impede their professional growth and affect their overall well-being. How can Career Development Professionals’…

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Leveraging MS Word for Résumé Writing

– By Lori A. Jazvac – Crafting a compelling résumé is a fine art for résumé writers. You can leverage MS Word techniques creatively and take a document from plain to outstanding. While the content of a resume is critical, the presentation is essential in drawing the eye of potential…

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Advocating for Workplace Accomodation

As a career development professional, empowering clients to advocate for their workplace accommodations is essential. The process of negotiating workplace accommodations begins with educating clients on their rights and the accommodations available, whether they require adaptive technologies, flexible work hours, or specific environmental changes. Equally important is coaching clients on…

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Mastering the Art of Negotiation: 8 Tips for Training Clients on Salary Negotiation Skills

– By Christine Ball, Executive Director CPC – Many people find salary negotiation intimidating and end up settling for the offer on the table, often devaluing themselves in the process. While salary negotiation can be daunting, it is about earning what you deserve and establishing a foundation for future financial…

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The Career Professional's Creed

A Declaration of our Code of Professional Conduct in Real-World Language

"I am proud to be part of a helping profession. In all interactions with clients and colleagues, I demonstrate unwavering ethics, integrity, and purposeful kindness. I consistently act with professionalism, practicing only within the boundaries of my qualifications. I seek out opportunities to learn and grow because my clients deserve leading-edge support. I embrace the values of diversity and inclusion, showing respect to all clients as I ensure their unique needs are met and their dignity is maintained. The members of my community of practice are my strongest allies and collaborators. Collectively, we nurture trusting and effective relationships with the individuals we are privileged to serve."

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